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News Bit: Elden Ring has a Thai Soap Opera and it's amazing

Game trailers can often get a little predictable and fantasy RPGs often suffer pretty badly from this issue. Bandai Namco''s Southeast Asia office decided to make a slightly different video to advertise the game and it's amazing. To make it even better, it has English subtitles!

Bandai Namco Southeast Asia has created a four-minute short film for the release of the highly anticipated Elden Ring. It's not much of a trailer but it does contain a look at the same for the last 50 seconds. Instead, it's a dramatic live-action retelling of the opening cinematic from the game that's clearly inspired by soap operas. Watching the video it's easy to forget is actually an advertisement for a video game and not part of a TV show.

The video is in Thai but it does have English subtitles and is definitely worth watching!

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