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News Bit: Dead Island 2 “is likely to be re-revealed later this year”

Tom Henderson has come forward with a new report claiming that Dead Island 2 is almost ready to be re-revealed. There's no exact date for the re-reveal but The Game Awards show was mentioned. Plans for this re-reveal are unclear but it most likely won't be released this year.

Interestingly, the developers of Goat Simulator and the Dead Island IP holder are both owned by Embracer Group. The recent trailer announcing Goat Simulator 3 was a parody of the original and iconic Dead Island trailer. It could be that the parody was created to remind gamers that Dead Island still exists and is still being thought about by Deep Silver.

Henderson also notes in his report that Deep Silver and Embracer Group held a financial call that suggested Dead Island 2 will release before the end of the next fiscal year. This means we should expect to see the game scheduled to release before March 31st 2023. If the game is re-revealed during The Game Awards in December, a March release date would make sense.

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