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News Bit: Converse launch Pokemon rage for 25 year anniversary

With Pokemon celebrating its 25th year, the Converse shoe company has teamed up to offer some awesome Chuck Taylors themed around the cultural phenomenon video game.

And not just new shoes, but other clothing items all covered in stylish Pokemon designs.

These cute Pikachu shoes with a tail on the back unfortunately only come in toddler size. (dam them)

But for adults, there are some epic designs with all the main cast of monsters from series one.

The bad news, these drops a few days ago, and in the way of every prized item, have been bought up instantly.

If you think scalping is bad for consoles, look into new trainers.

With any luck, knowing they have a money printing machine here, we'll get more stock of these throughout the year. As I certainly could do with some Kanto exploring shoes.

Check out the site for these here, but don't expect to see in-stock signs.

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