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News Bit: CD Projekt Red confirms the Lynx School link to The Witcher 4

The new announcement from CD Projekt Red finally confirms that a new game in The Witcher series is coming. The developer states that the next game will be “kicking off a new saga for the franchise”. There's no real information available yet for the next game but the announcement image is interesting.

The Witcher 4 was announced with an image of a new mask buried in snow. While Geralt has a wolf medallion to represent the Wolf School, the new mask is clearly a cat face which would represent the Cat School. It was also confirmed to PC Gamer that the medallion is “shaped after a lynx”.

In Witcher 3, Ciri has a Cat School medallion however, according to Witcher lore there's also a School of the Lynx which would have formed after the story of Witcher 3. Information on Lynx School is very limited but Geralt and Ciri are not known members.

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