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News Bit: Back 4 Blood developer has been acquired by Tencent

The Back 4 Blood developer has just been purchased by Tencent. The Chinese tech giant has purchased the developer's parent company Slamefire which also means developer Turtle Rock is now owned by Tencent. The tech giant has been on an acquiring spree in 2021 and has purchased a range of developers including Yager who created Spec Ops: The Line and Playtonic Games the Yooka-Laylee developer.

Turtle Rock Studios made the announcement on their official website and reassured fans that this change will not harm Back 4 Blood. The statement mentions that the studio being acquired ensures the “Back 4 Blood franchise is here to stay” and that the developer will be “working on it well into the future”.

Back 4 Blood seems to be on track for becoming a “true long-standing AAA franchise” according to Turtle Rock Studios. The studio founders will continue to run operations like normal and the deal is not expected to harm Back 4 Blood.

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