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News Bit: 30 Minutes of gameplay from The Quarry is here

Supermassive Games has released 30 minutes of their upcoming horror game, The Quarry. The gameplay is full of the classic Supermassive scares, quick-time events and the cinematic cutscenes we expect from the company. From the gameplay, we can clearly see this is a spiritual successor to Until Dawn.

The gameplay appears to be the first 30 minutes of the game so it doesn't spoil too much. However, if you're looking to go into the game blind from the start then it's best to avoid the new gameplay footage.

It reveals part of the dire situation two camp counsellors are in from the start. After being stopped by a cop who tells them to go to a motel, the two young counsellors head to the summer camp anyway. Naturally, it does not go well for the pair and the cop needs to save them from the dangers of the summer camp.

The Quarry will release on June 10th later this year.

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