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New Bit: Embracer Group grabs The Lord of the Rings IP

The Embracer Group has just announced that it's acquired various new video game companies and IPs. The highlight of the new acquisitions seems to be Middle-Earth Enterprises which holds the IP rights to The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.

This latest spree of acquisitions includes several major names in gaming. The Embracer Group has also acquired Limited Run Games, Tripwire Interactive and various other less well-known companies. As part of the new acquisition wave, Embracer has opened its 11th operating group called “Embracer Freemode” which will focus on retro games and “iconic gaming & entertainment properties”.

Here are all the companies Embracer Group has just acquired:

Middle- Earth Enterprises

Limited Run Games

Tuxedo Labs

Tripwire Interactive


Bitwave Games



“Another company within PC/Console gaming that, for commercial reasons, is not disclosed today”

This is one of The Embracer Groups largest acquisition announcements. It also follows on from the recent IP and studio acquisitions from Square Enix earlier this year.

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