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Netflix PlayStation Powerhouse

Recently there has been news of Netflix preparing to step into the gaming division. While this is all bar confirmed we still can only speculate what form this will take.

It could be third party publisher of games based on their own IPs. Though it’s thought more likely that they’ll be operating a game streaming service akin to Stadia, Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now.

A while back Stadia somewhat threw in the towel by closing their own first party studios, siting Xbox GP as the reason. It’s hard to compete with an already established gaming platform if you’re the newcomer.

Sorry Google, I just don't have room for another platform in my life right now.

However, Netflix wouldn’t be trying to break into everyone’s homes, they’re already there. With a subscriber base already so large, launching additional services wouldn’t struggling with adoption.

Now, for an extra bit of spice to this already interesting news. PlayStation may be working with Netflix in this endeavour. There has been some collaboration recently with the two companies. With Netflix having exclusivity rights to Sony films. And live action adaptations of The Ghost of Tsushima in the works.

So, this rumour isn’t at all farfetched.

What shape could this take?

With PlayStation Now having a relatively small uptake, but being a treasure trove of past games, it would boost Netflix’s new service instantly with 800+ titles. These aren’t the latest and greatest, although recently they have been adding a lot more quality games, they would sure be enough for the casual Netflix subscriber to consider it worth a few additional dollars a month to play.

This bundled with Netflix, can't doubt the value there

I looked at PS Now recently, it’s actually not bad. Speaking as an Xbox main, the only real reason Game Pass can be considered better is the inclusion of new releases day and date. Plus of course things like Xcloud to play anywhere, and high performing remote servers to do so on.

Add Netflix’s own servers to the mix and this could give PlayStation a way to compete with Microsoft’s cloud gaming.

Sony would struggle to compete with Microsoft going toe to toe against Game Pass. They just don’t have the same pocket change. But if Netflix were to offer me the ability to play PS Now games, right from their app, for £5 a month extra, without the need to power on the PlayStation. I’d sign up.

The real console war this gen.

It’ll be a nice supplementary gaming library to play when I’m not enjoying the latest Game Pass release. And if there’s a way to connect the controller to the Fire Stick or similar, then I can have something to play in bed on those lazy Saturdays.

It might not compete with the quality of day and date releases Game Pass offers, but it would certainly drastically improve Sony’s uptake of PS Now. And hey, once they’re making that monthly subscription money, maybe we would see the first party library on launch day.

Get yourself a sub to PS Now here, or Xbox Game Pass.

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