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Modern Warfare 3 Is Low key the greatest game in the Modern warfare Franchise

Call of duty MW3

The final instalment in the modern warfare franchise all storylines are resolved, and we get to play through the conclusion of story arcs of Soap and Price while battling through war ravaged Europe, an African civil war, and Direct action conducted by delta force.

At the heart of this game is the relationship between Soap and Price and how that bond is strengthened and tested through the climatic moments of the game.

MW3 opens just where we left of with Price and Nikoli, ferrying Soap to a hospital for medical attention.

Straight into action

The first two levels in MW3 are one of the best openings in call of duty history.

You play Frost; a Delta force command led by Master sergeant and commander of metal Zero one Sandman together you spear head the fight back for New York.

Plunged straight into the fight battling through waves of Russian forces to reach the New York stock exchange to destroy a jammer preventing air support from destroying the Russians.

Massive set pieces vs stealth

No sooner have you completed that mission you are tasked to take down a nuclear submarine to launch a counterstrike against the Russian navy.

The Second mission is simply exhilarating from start to finish, it sees you and the Navy seals infiltrating a Russian nuclear ballistic submarine and using their pay load against the Russian navy harboured in New York.

As you fight your ways through the Russian crew to the bridge, turning the weapons of the fleet, escaping via zodiac as you zip past ICBMS sinking Russian battle ships, escaping to a waiting helicopter.

There is a great balance between full on action and suspenseful sneaky game play which really makes the player feel like you are behind enemy lines.

In MW3 you dance between these two extremes but it’s done so well that it never feels cheesy or over done, it balanced and engaging.

Characters and their through lines

More time and attention is spent on developing the characters which make them feel deeper and real. I loved playing Sandman and Frost, they were my favourite story lines and as you play through the game you grow with the characters.

I really appreciated this because when I was playing MW2 I felt like the game was just tacked on to the online experience, I’m so glad they put the time into building the campaign.

The brotherhood between Soap and Price

I became completely locked in with the relationship between Soap and Price.

My two favourite characters thought the entire series, as Soap dies in Prague you really are emotionally affected by the sense of loss, you feel Soaps anger towards Yuri when his background is revealed that sense of betrayal hooks inside your heart as you chase Makarov down for all the death and destruction he has caused.

I. Story

After escaping from the Afghanistan desert with a gravely wounded Soap in tow, Price and his team globetrotting from Africa, Europe, London chasing chemical weapons and the illusive Makarov.

Aided by acid metal 01, a delta force squadron.

They rescue hostages, conduct an uprising, all whilst fighting the Russian army, but traitors lie in their mists. Fighting to save the world before Makarov turns Europe to glass.

II. Sound

The sound design in mw3 is spectacular; there are numerous well-designed moments e.g. destroy the jammer in Black Tuesday or the missile impacts in Hunter killer.

You really feel immersed in the game play which heightens the experience as you feel connected to the environment and the actions that the characters are doing.

The tension of what is at stake is transferred to the player immersing them in the gaming experience.

More Bourne less Bayhem

Mw2 was basically a mish mash of every mid 90s era Michael Bay film.

Modern warfare 3 feels like an intelligent combat thriller.

Whether you’re chasing down HVT on the streets of Paris or London, or Leading Freedom fighters in Prague.

V. Navy seals and a post Bin Laden game

Even though you got to play navy seals in MW2, Modern warfare 3 came out on the heels of the seal team six raid killing Osama Bin Laden which only added to the experience.

VI. Killing Makarov feels complete

In the finale when you fight to the top of the hotel to face down Makarov, geared up with juggernaut suit and light support weapons, taking on waves of guards and helicopters as you climb to the top to finish of Makarov.

It can be quite contentious to finish of series with such an intensely loyal fan base. Infinity ward manages a satisfactory conclusion to a solid trilogy. Makarov in the fashion of an old school playground scrap.

Culminating in hanging Makarov for his crimes and the death of Soap. With the badass Price just stopping for a humble cigar. As a player you feel like it is earned.

It is with a hint of sadness knowing the saga has come to an end but a sense of satisfaction for having played it.

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