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Mick Gordon reveals the truth about the Doom Eternal OST

Doom Eternal had a bit of a rocky Collector's Edition launch in 2020 when the soundtrack only contain 11 of the promised 59 tracks mixed by Mick Gordon. The composer has now revealed that he was blamed for a problem caused by Id Software. Gordon explains in a 1400-word Medium post, that Doom Eternal was a “difficult project” to compose the score for but not because of the music. He had to create the music which the game was still in development leading to rewrites, scrapped submitted music and disagreements. Gordon alleges that he was told his “schedule was flawed” and that his attempts to solve the issue was told it was a “sign of incompetence”. After crunching 18-20 hour days to complete the tracks on time, he was told with five hours left that they wanted different sounds instead. Apparently, Id's lead audio designer had also been working on an alternative soundtrack so Id Software would release his version instead. The end result was 11 Mick Gordon tracks in the soundtrack and an additional 47 tracks “made by poorly editing together bits and pieces taken” from his in-game score. Afterwards, executive producer Marty Stratton posted on Reddit blaming Gordon for issues with the soundtrack.


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