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Master Chief can now Save You from Traffic

It's a bit unusual but Halo is doing a crossover with the Waze driving app to help us find our way during our day to day lives. The Waze app is a GPS navigation tool for smartphones and tablets which not only gives directions, it also have a live traffic map and displays any road alerts. Users can submit travel times and route details to help other app users avoid trouble spots on the roads too.

Xbox and 343 Industries have teamed up with Waze to bring the Halo series to the app in a fun way that's sure to make drives more interesting. This is part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Halo franchise. As part of this then, Master Chief and Escharum have both bee added as voice options.

How Does It Work?

It's pretty simple. This crossover event lets you have Master Chief or Escharum as you personal guide through the Waze app. It features English, Spanish, French and Portuguese language option for both of them.

Here's how you get this set up:

1. Download and launch the app

2. Tap on “My Waze”

3. Select the Halo banner to activate it

4. Choose your side: UNSC or the Banished

5. Get driving!

Is there any other Halo content for Waze?

Selecting a faction will replace your in-app car with the Warthog for UNSC or with a Ghost for the Banished. You can also select the characters as your “Mood” in the app which is great for when your mood is Master Chief.

Sadly, this is a limited time event so the Halo travel guides, Moods and Cars will be leaving the app in the future. For now at least, Master Chief and Escharum can lead us on our journey's and in our battles to avoid bad traffic.

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