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Marvel ‘WHAT IF?’ Episode 3 – Review

Wednesday now means only one thing for this nerdy writer, a new episode of Marvels Disney+ original series “WHAT IF?”. If you read my piece on the first episode a fortnight ago then you’d know I found the animation style to be crisp, the level of storytelling to be superb and overall just a very promising beginning to what could be an amazing series.

Alike the previous post this review will contain spoilers about the episode so read ahead at your own risk.

Episode 3 aims to answer the question: “what if the world lost its mightiest heroes?”, for those of you who aren’t hugely into Marvel when we reference Earth’s mightiest heroes we are of course talking about…THE AVENGERS!

The Avengers (at least in our universe) are comprised of Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Incredible Hulk and Thor the God of Thunder and the premise of this episode saw our heroes at the start of their careers with The Avengers Initiative under Agent Fury. Immediately the heroes are taken out one by one by an unknown anonymous source who is hell bent on causing destruction in the name of vengeance.

I won’t go into too much detail about how the characters are taken out but I will say that again this week the animation style was crisp and sharp enough that it felt like I was watching a live action motion picture as opposed to a cartoon. Throughout the episode the viewer is given glimpses of The Watcher (whom acts as our narrator for these worlds and the series as a whole) simply watching from the skylines ensuring to only observe and never interfere.

As stated in my last review the humour of the series does dip sometimes as you can really see Disney are trying to appeal to audiences of all ages, this of course definitely has its pros and cons but sometimes it is hard to see what direction the show is going to go in regards to its usage of humour.

A personal favourite line of mine in the script has got to be when Agent Coulson has just identified Thor and he gave us the knee-slapper of a line: “Caucasian male, mid twenties with…really great hair”, these little tongue in cheek jokes really add to the viewing experience and give the audience a light-hearted element to such a serious plotline.

The inclusion of Loki (the brother and frequent nemesis of Thor) was a welcomed element for me especially at the end of the episode when he and Agent Fury had eliminated the unknown nemesis (spoiler alert: it’s the Wasp) only for Loki to take full control of Earth in a surprise domination of our world.

Overall this episode was great, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and I do feel the show as a whole has began to find its feet and is really beginning to establish itself as a giant in the Marvel universe…its safe to say: I am very excited for next week!

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