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MARVEL’S ‘WHAT IF?’ : Episode 4 – REVIEW

Marvel’s Disney+ original series “WHAT IF?” is back once again for its fourth episode and the series is seriously showing no signs of stopping or slowing down anytime soon. If you haven’t seen my reviews of the previous episodes they can be found at the bottom of this article. As always this post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t yet got round to taking your weekly adventure through the multiverse with The Watcher then I would highly recommend pausing here and watching the episode first.

However, if you are okay with spoilers then sit back, relax and enter the multiverse with me one more time as we ask…”WHAT IF?”.

The latest episode of the series aims to explore what would have happened if Doctor Strange had lost his heart and not his hands. For those unaware Doctor Strange is a sorcerer within the MARVEL universe who also possesses the ability to control and manipulate time. This weeks episode opens as usual with The Watcher providing a bit of background on the story we are going to take an alternative look at before showing us the moment which causes the timeline to change for the worse.

Strange and his companion Christine are set to enjoy an evening of fun and celebration as Strange is to be honoured at an awards ceremony before a car accident causes Christine to meet her untimely death, driven by grief and shock Strange turns to the mystical arts however in this reality he loses his heart and not his hands, his heart in this sense being Christine.

Because of this Strange is driven mad by his grief and pain and does all he can to attempt to bring back his lost love but because the event is an absolute point in time he cannot change it no matter how hard he tries. After learning of such rules Strange becomes a villain, a villain whom only himself can defeat and because of this: two alternate timelines are created that exist in the same universe.

I won’t reveal anymore details about the episodes plot (and its ending) but as usual the animation style of the episode was superb and very crisp and clear, the humour was just what you expect from this show with such powerful one-liners as “sorcerer Armani” “no, no…its strange” “that’s fine there are many strange names in this world”. The light-hearted humour combined with the darker themes of the episode make for a very interesting viewing experience that you just can’t stop watching!

Overall I think this was the best episode of the show thus far, I am very excited to see what is going to be explored next and when this show does eventually end it will definitely be missed but I will be expecting a second season!

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