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News Bits: Modders Have Added Mario Kart Tracks into Microsoft Flight Simulator

Twitch streamer and modder Illogicoma has decided to take seven sources from Mario Kart and port them into Microsoft Flight Simulator. The full VoD has been uploaded to YouTube of Illogicoma showing off his creations to his friends.

The creator explained on Twitter that he created this by taking the Mario Kart tracks from The Models Resource website. He used the Blender2MSFS addon for Blender to bring the 3D assets to Microsoft Flight Simulator. While it looks like a lot of fun, it's still a work in progress that he didn't intend to give a public release.

While it was created just for fun, Illogicoma has drawn a lot of attention due to it. Hopefully there will be a public release eventually!

You can catch Illogicoma on Twitch and he has a 24-hour gaming event coming up to raise money for children's hospitals as part of Extra Life.

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