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Love it or Hate it, The Avengers Game is Here to Stay

September 2020, the Month it finally came and three days early in fact! I couldn’t hold my excitement for Avengers, as soon as i got it in my hands, disk was in and booted it up. Although, like every game these days, has a day one update. A bunch of friends had already got it as well, we picked our characters and begun our superhero path…or so i thought.

To start it off personally, I thought it was a great multiplayer game, filled with excitement and wonder (like being at Hogwarts) but after i had finished the campaign (possibly 12 hours?) the feeling of repetition sunk in, like a doomed Titanic, this ship was destined to sink. The online mode was fantastic for the first 2/3 weeks but slowly I learned that the missions and areas we fought in begun to look similar.

This franchise is unsinkable I tell you, unsinkable!

Don’t get me wrong here guys, the game LOOKS fantastic and playing as Captain America was my dream come true. Especially with all the cosmetic content, making your hero look like the MCU counterpart, or a classic comic book look. Or maybe spruce up your nameplate with some amazing banners (just don’t go green on me), however personally I felt the emotes were wasted as I never use them, but I’m sure people do. The in-game stores are on a rotating basis so grab it while you see it.

But man oh man we were promised so much….

From new DLC regularly to new fresh content, I don’t expect new things every day but every few months, at least or new suits every so often.

For the PlayStation users an exclusive character: Spider-Man! And exciting new biomes. I understand the roadmap is out and looks to fill us up with glorious content, I can’t help but think we are nearly in July…. where is Spiderman?

Me too Jameson, me too.

Our first DLC character: Kate Bishop, now she has a badass attitude and even some badassary skills but for fans of the marvel cinematic universe, Hawkeye was the one to be, Mr Clint Barton. The fan favourite from the MCU. When the time came to release Hawkeye they decided to, and this is just my personal opinion, just basically reskin Kate Bishop with Hawkeye. Playing as Hawkeye feels no different than Kate, unfortunately, this and other issues caused the game to completely lose players.

However negative vibes aside, upon the multiverse horizon we have a new hero, alas not Spiderman but someone of royalty, that’s correct we have Black Panther AKA the King of Wakanda showing up with a new package. First of all a new story, a new character and a whole new world to explore which makes me incredibly happy.

Overall I will be hopping back in the Quinjet to go forth and save the world…again!

Want to pick up Avengers in preparation for the Black Panther DLC. Get it for PlayStation or Xbox now.

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