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Lost in Random: Tips and Tricks

Hello one and all and welcome to the world of Random. This is a world where everything appears to be only chance. However, there is more to this world than a simple roll of the dice and we here at the Robot Republic are ready to give you what you need to save your sister from the evil queen.

Lost in Random can, initially, appear to be somewhat complicated at the offset, but in reality, it is all quite simple. This guide is going to focus mainly on combat and deck building, but first let’s start with what you need to know.

Lost in Random can best be described as an action/adventure game. The player will need to slowly progress through the world of Random and, as they do so, will slowly become more powerful. The way to do this will be to purchase cards and slowly upgrade their abilities. The main way to unlock new cards is to earn money through battle and side quests and Owls.

The Owls are, essentially, money crates that Even can open with her slingshot. They are hidden throughout the levels and, while the amount is small, it does slowly stack up. Also, when exploring each of the locations in Random it is important to finish everything before moving on. Trust me, you want the money and cards that can be found on each level.

Speaking of cards, there are three main ways of acquiring them. The first is as a reward for certain quests, followed by finding them inside of chests and, finally, buying them from a storekeeper. Now, there is little control over the cards you are given but you do have a choice when it comes to the shopkeeper. When you approach the shopkeeper you are given three options for card packs: Damage, Hazard and Cheat. For the most part, these are self-explanatory but your focus should be on Damage and Hazard. This is a game where attacking is the better choice than defence.

Combat in Lost in Random can best be broken into three different stages. Firstly players will have only their slingshot available to them. This slingshot allows Even to shoot glowing rocks at the enemies, these rocks create shards that add to the power pool for Dicey. Once this pool is full then Even can elect to roll Dicey. It is important to note that Even can still take damage while trying to gather power and is essentially defenceless until she can start a roll. As the player, you need to keep moving.

Once you have enough shards you can roll dicey, that roll will allocate several points, which can be used to activate cards. Each of the cards has a different value and it becomes a choice regarding which cards to activate with the numbers you have. Obviously the higher the number the more powerful the card, at least in concept, but some of the weaker cards tend to be more useful than their apparent betters. It should also be noted that Dicey does not start the game with all pips (small black spots representing numbers on a die) and will unlock them as the game progresses. This does limit the cards available at the start of the game.

Now let’s look at the card types and what each of them can do. Damage is the most simple, these cards can be separated into weapons and effects. For instance, one card can give Even a bow while another can create bombs that Even can hit. It is important to have a good mix but make sure you have at least one bow card in your deck. The reason is that flying enemies are harder to hit with the other cards. The effect cards have their uses, but occasionally they can be hard to pull off depending on how mobile the enemy is.

Defence is also relatively easy to understand and focuses on either healing Even or creating shields and other defences. The healing spell is a must-have, as is any card that adds a bit more survivability. There is a danger of overloading the deck with defence cards when you realise how vulnerable Even is. However, it is more important to deal damage and only have a few cards to keep Even alive.

Cheat is one of the more complicated options available to Even. The issue with this set is that some of the cards are only for very specific circumstances. For instance, some cards affect the chess minigame. This is obviously beneficial to the player in these circumstances, but that game type isn’t common enough to spare room in your deck. Other cards can have negative effects on your foes as well as give you some benefits. However, none of them is quite as useful as simply summoning a large hammer.

Speaking of chess, you are probably wondering what in the world I am on about. Essentially, there are a few battles that don’t follow the same trend as the normal fights. These battles often take the form of a chessboard where the player must move the piece to the end of the board. However, it isn’t as simple as just moving the piece as enemies will spawn at various points to attack. Other than the chess game there are a few other games but they all take the form of a horde mode for players to fight through.

Essentially surviving through Lost in Random is all about making sure you have the cards to deal with every situation and not focus too much on one area. It is easy to accidentally have cards that directly deal damage and then find yourself being beaten down more often than not. Aside from that simply have fun and experiment with the cards to find the ones that you most enjoy using.

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