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LOADING... Top Video Game Releases – Jan '22

Much in the same way so many of us will be gingerly dragging ourselves into the new year after one too many sips of Tequila Rose, the video-gaming world is worn down come January. With much of 2020 in lockdown and the lead up to the holiday in 2021 being quite the time for big releases (and even bigger sales figures), video gaming needs a moment to regroup and refresh.

But even in this traditionally slumpy season, 2022’s first month does have a few delights ready to commandeer our Christmas cash and send us button bashing into February and beyond.

It’s a-me, New Year’s Hangover!!!”

But where are my manners?! Happy new year to you all, faithful Robot Republicans and beautiful Glitchqraftarians – it’s wonderful to see you back, flicking through our online zine with mince pie crumbs still stuck in your beard and half a fake eyelash dangling from your fringe. No matter what state or state of mind you find yourself in, you’re always welcome here – so let’s see what games are LOADING… this month!

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction Loading by: 20th January

Building on the extremely popular Rainbow Six Siege, Mr Clancy’s latest outing pits trios of Operators against horrifying alien ass-bags in a cooperative multiplayer must-have in mid-January. Originally announced at E3 2021 for a September release, the delays have only really added to the anticipation of this run-and-gun melee.

Featuring a wholly varied catalogue of gadgets, submaps, enemies and goals, this live-service release will continue to see growth in all that it initially offers. That’s good news for those who want to hammer the game with some friends early on, as well as for those who love a cheeky cosmetic tweak to their kit. It’s available to pre-order now for a reduced price, so grab some buddies and get blastin’.

Blackwind Loading by: 20th January

As a kid, there was something utterly divine about donning a mechsuit and smashing up some scenery in games like Future Cop: LAPD and Armored Core, so when Blackwind tornadoed itself onto my radar late last year, the hype to relive some childhood whimsy came spiralling with it.

A sci-fi action platformer based on a planet called Medusa-42, it’s time to suit up and explode some invading forces in hope of saving your homeland. From drones and energy blades, to ye olde faithful missiles and machine guns, it’s go hard or go home. With a tantalising price tag of only 20 sheets and the option to go co-op, Blackwind could be quite the smash.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Loading by: 28th January

We knew this was coming. After all, with the upcoming release of Tom Holland’s Uncharted movie poised to pounce in February, there will be more eyes than ever on Nathan Drake’s dalliances into the unknown. The Legacy of Thieves Collection is comprised of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Lost Legacy, both of which garnered all sorts of accolades. If you didn’t get around to playing them before now, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

Following its announcement during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase in September and off the back of Uncharted 1-3 being free to play as part of Sony’s ‘Play at Home’ initiative during 2020’s pandemic lockdowns, Uncharted’s popularity is facing quite the boom; this release makes a lot of sense. And though the collection doesn’t offer too much extra aside from graphical enhancement and speedier loading times, the games are very impressive. It’s also coming to PC for the first time later in the year, too!

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Loading by: 28th January

We’ve come so bloody far in the Pokémon chronology that it was only a matter of time before we went backwards: Arceus is that step into the past. Built upon the concept of helping to build the Hisui region’s very first Pokédex, the Switch’s latest ‘mon title is all about expeditions to document everyone’s favourite beasties. A novel approach, and a much-needed refresher for the series.

Comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s free-roaming, open-world expanse have been made since the game was teased in August’s Pokémon Direct, but the game isn’t quite the sandbox we initially envisioned. Split into surveying missions, the map will gradually open up further and further, keeping the story progression and game’s focus a little bit more linear – which is not necessarily a bad thing, given the series’ all-ages appeal. Unlike anything that’s come in the Pokémon franchise so far, this could be January’s biggest release.

Ikai Loading by: TBC January

We love a good bit of horror here at RR – our Treehouse podcast is testament to that! – so when a game like Ikai comes creeping out of the darkness of 2021 ready to ruin our nerves this January, you bet we’re ready to get stuck in!

A first-person, Japanese-inspired psychological spookfest, you play as a defenceless protagonist forced to face – or flee from – the inexplicable awfulness before you. The decision for this gameplay style was to give audiences a brand-new sense of horror, which is simultaneous generous and sadistic – thanks, PM Studios! Combining exploration, puzzle-solving and terror (unspeakable, unavoidable terror), you’ll either love this or want to avoid it like COVID…

And that’s LOADING… for the merry month of January 2022 – have we got your button finger twitching? Let us know in the comments, share with your pals and, otherwise, have yourselves a stunning start to 2022!

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