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Horizon Online Game is in development

Guerrilla Games is now hiring staff for a new Horizon “online project”. Earlier this year, a leak revealed that the company is planning to release several new games in the future including multiplayer games.

The studio is currently looking to fill 17 positions for a new online game with several job listings confirming the project is for a new Horizon game. Not all of the listings for this “online project” mention Horizon so it's unclear if these are all for the same project.

According to the listing for a Lead World Designer, the team needs someone who can “bring the expanding Horizon universe to a multiplayer audience”. The listing confirms the role is for one of their “ambitious, unannounced projects” which suggests there are multiple other games in development now.

Guerilla Games has previously commented on wanting to expand Horizon into multiplayer and co-op was originally in the plan for the first game. It's not surprising that the team is finally starting to focus more on the multiplayer side.

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