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Hood: Outlaws and Legends

On the 7th of May 2021, Hood: Outlaws and Legends was released to those with a pre-order. Having missed this, I have had to wait an additional 3 days to purchase it on its official public release date of the 10th of May, only to then be greeted by a long install time and a tutorial for the characters.

The tutorial however was a welcome surprise, I was expecting to just be reading about what each one can do. Instead, I got to physically play each character and assess which one is best suited for my play style, within an hour I had chosen my character and begun my outlaw life.

The PvP was Intense, as each battle was a struggle for the win. Battling AI enemies as well as human foe, created an incredibly unique experience for the game.

In my first experience of playing the game as Robin you are given a basic bow and arrow, I felt I heavily relied more on my team as the designated ‘’sniper’’ character. As other characters use magic or a huge effing mace, I was happy to be the sniper. Teamwork and communication are key in Hood: Outlaws and Legends, going lone wolf is just not an option.

Teamwork > = Dreamwork

The flow of play is let down by the matchmaking times, it should hopefully be improved for future updates along with new perks and skins. In my experience of online games long matchmaking times can and will cost players. The matchmaking took at least 10 minutes to find another player before it would try to start, and they dropped out!

As I have said prior, having teammates who could communicate is key, so matching with others who are using mics makes or breaks the game. Luckily for me, I had three other friends to play with.

My pointy stick and stick with string feels useless right now.

To focus on the good; I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the idea of the game, being the green arrow...I mean Robin Hood. Trying to steal the key from the sheriff and designing a plan, to completely throw the plan away! Gaining gold to give to the poor is an on brand mechanic, however trying to unlock perks and new weapons while being the hero you’re meant to be is a tough call. Luckily, you can split the pot between upgrading your hideout and giving it to the people.

In one of my sessions in the past two days I was spending a good 20 minutes on the stealth side. Only to be killed by another Robin Hood on the opposing team, shooting arrows at each other and constantly missing. For me it was good practice to know how different people play the character.

The levels had me in awe, huge maps, three extractions points and multiple armoured AI bad guys! The first three games I played I explored the maps as much as I could to give my team a tactical advantage over the other team. But with only a few maps on launch I can see that is a game with more to offer in the future with the season passes. Fortunately, as a base game it’s priced reasonably, coming in either side of the £30 mark at most online stores.

The more to offer.

Stealth shooting 3 guards and head-shotting an opposing player is still one of my best highlights so far, as I have only used Robin a few times. It made me feel accomplished with my aiming skills. My journey to be an outlaw is well underway with the role-playing making me feel engrossed and in character.

As annoying as it is only having 7 arrows as ammo and having to find a one-use-box for more, it makes the game more authentic to the times it is set, however we have room for upgrades which is what I love to hear.

Visually the game is stunning, each map is incredibly light and easy to get around, with good accessibility options this game is defiantly staying on my virtual shelf. Unfortunately, if playing on console, it will require an online subscription and can only be bought digitally, but that didn’t put me off!

I cannot wait to jump back on and heist some more.

HOOD: Outlaws and Legends is out now for Xbox one and the PS4 as well as the newest generation for those lucky outlaws.

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