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Halo Infinite: Open Beta announced

Halo Infinite will be releasing this Fall and 343 Industries has now announced that the upcoming game will be getting a beta. A development update from December 2020 explained that 343 Industries is planning to use the Halo Insider Program “first” this year before the game ships in Fall 2021.

What is the Halo Insider Program?

The Halo Insider Program is developer 343 Industries' official beta testing system for Halo games that players can sign up to. 343 Industries requires a lot more information than most other developers for taking part in the alpha or beta testing of their games. Both PC and Xbox Gamers can sign up for this program and will both have the chance to take part in different tests for the game on their chosen platforms.

In short, both Xbox and PC users need to link their platform accounts to the Halo Insider Program and complete different forms of information. This includes PC specifications for PC users and console ownership forms for Xbox users.

To get earlier access to Halo games, you need to opt-in for “public fighting” which means you will then be considered for early access testing in “test flights”.

Halo Infinite Beta.. be good... like better...beta...I laughed

When is the Halo Infinite Beta?

There is no official start date yet for the beta. However, 343 Industries have confirmed there will be one this year. Halo Infinite is expected for release this fall so it would be reasonable to assumer the beta will take place in the summer. We know there will be at least one test but they might follow the testing pattern for the Master Chief Collection PC release instead. This would mean that tests will continue until Halo Infinite is officially released. Xbox will be hosting their annual E3 event on June 13th. Halo Infinite will be included in the presentation so it seems pretty likely that we'll be hearing more about the Halo Infinite beta from 343 Industries then.

While we wait, why not pick up and play the Master Chief Collection. Perfect to introduce the Halo franchise to anyone too young to remember the Great Covenant War.

Also available via Xbox Game Pass.

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