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Guardians of the Galaxy - Square Enix E3

At E3 the comical misfit band was revealed. This third person adventure places you in the jet-boots of the charming rouge Star Lord, aka Peter Quill, the game looks to feature the Guardians in their first original story driven video game, aside from the tell-tale games, but for an open combat game lets hear it!

Edios Monteral has totally overhauled the characters attire. For example while i enjoyed the look of what is to come, i wasn’t totally sold on Star Lords jacket, with his name sprawled across the back, like in the 80’s roller derby. I will eagerly await to see what other costumes you can get in October.

I had a huge smile on my face when the tag line said ‘YOU ARE STAR-LORD’ appeared on screen, the moment i learned that i could play as my favourite guardian i was hooked,. I cannot wait to see what this game will feature. As far as i am aware, this is an all new, all original story. Where the guardians have to… probably save the galaxy…again.

I am happy to see that there is the original Guardians Soundtrack…featuring i need a hero (Shrek would be proud). The second in the Square Enix line up of Marvel games, while Avengers featured microtransactions and multiplayer, (of which i have very mixed feelings), I’m glad no sneaky microtransactions will take my plunder in Guardians. All the while multiplayer would’ve made this really cool, however i am welcoming a single-player story.

Glad to say that I enjoyed it and I rocked on out to the amazing soundtrack, pre-order bonus

for original comic book suits look great along with a release date of October 26th 2021, count me in for a day one buy!

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