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GTA Rumours

Well, it’s my day off. So as with my wrestling channels, of course, huge news happens. I’m a martyr to my lack of sleep.

Anyway enough about your fearless scribe. It has emerged that there are strong rumours that it is inevitable that GTA VI will be dropped (it is taking its time - almost 8 years), but to satiate us while we wait for this (and many of us ring in to work with a mystery cold) that Rockstar are also working on re - makes of the sublime GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas all running on the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (Rage) which powers gaming work of art, GTA V.

The news that we may be in for an early trip to the worlds of my favourite games (well they are top tier) is welcome to me. Another quite substantive snack to tide us over until VI is released sounds lovely to me. Rockstar are notoriously tight lipped and even when a tent pole release is imminent, we know precious little beyond the basic facts of release date and the very basic outlines of the characters.

Personally, I do think this fits rumours being true mould. Perhaps that is just wishful thinking from me that it is true, but I’ve seen it now in a few sources, with the sixth main game being an indeterminate time away from release, while I do not think we are really in danger of GTA sliding into irrelevancy. However, this would be a welcome return to Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas.

Also in a move which is a metaphorical punch to my gut, GTA III is about to celebrate its 20th birthday this year. Vice City and San Andreas being in the same GTA generation, well that is just extremely fitting they receive the same modernisation. Although if it is announced that PSP entries (which were later ported) Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are also included, my reaction? Well, Phillip Jay Fry can tell you:

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