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GTA 6 Setting Might Have Been Hinted at by a Developer's Instagram Post

There's been a lot of rumours about GTA 6 recently and someone of the developer team has added more fuel to the fire. Most of the current GTA 6 rumours have claimed the next game will be set in a version of Miami and that there will finally be a playable female character. So far, these have only been speculation and rumours but there's now evidence to support the Miami setting.

The Developer Post

Re-posted on the GTA6 subreddit, the manager of Rockstar Games music shared a picture of South Beach Miami to Instagram and tagged Rockstar Games in the post. This could be a vacation post though he did tag his employing company and not any individual people on the post. So it raises the question, why would he tag Rockstar on a vacation post?

Does this confirm Vice City for GTA 6?

Technically no, though it does support other rumours. Bloomsberg reporter Jason Schreier has made various comments about the game before and according to notable leaker Tom Henderson, the game will be set in a modern Vice City. There has been a lot of noise online about GTA 6 being set in a modern Vice City from various reputable sources.

Leaked Image:

In addition to this, there's been an apparent GTA 6 image leak posted to Imgur. The user who uploaded it has annotated it to label buildings including the Ritz Carton and the Trump Towers. It's pointed out that the Alpha/Beta minimap in the image is similar to the leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 map and so are the clouds.

It's difficult to be certain how true all of this us but it's certainly looking like GTA 6 will at least include Vice City. For all we know, Rockstar could be playing some kind of 'long con' to spread misinformation about the game to wow us all with the official reveal.

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