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Grand Theft Auto VI News

Before I start, let’s just take a quick trip back to the halcyon days of 2013. It was extremely different then. The Tories were in Number 10, the Democrats were in The White House and I was on my laptop pre ordering GTA V. What a beauty of a game it was. I gladly took a few days off work to play it (thinking back, a few of us were mysteriously sick that week).

It is just dripping with small details I couldn’t believe anyone would bother to program (my favourite is that once you stop a car, it makes that realistic ‘tick - tik - tick’ noise as the engine cools down, but even without that, just omitting GTA IV’s cars driving as if the moon was sat on the front, that is a step in the right direction).

Dammit Niko

But if you told me then that not only would it be a launch title (or near enough) for the next two generations of consoles, I might have put in a call for the men in white coats. Still, doubtlessly buoyed by the success of GTA Online, GTA V has persistently been a fixture of the bestselling games lists these past eight years.

But as the old saying goes, ‘All good things must come to an end’ and ahead of it’s probable reveal sometime during ‘All of time’ (for a huge company, Rockstar are notoriously tight lipped about future releases), I thought I would round up the bigger stories which have been doing the rounds the last little while.

First up one huge bit of news: it will maintain a single player.

During an earnings call in February of 2021, Take Two Interactive’s head honcho told investors that just as they did with GTA V (and Red Dead Redemption 2), the game will come initially with a single player only. Based on past performances, it will be about as deep as the Mariana Trench and we will have barely scratched the surface of this by the time the multiplayer component is patched in later down the line.

Include single player or we go full Vercetti

While Rockstar have made roughly one ‘Scrooge McDuck swimming pool’ worth of cash from GTA Online (revenue is roughly 28% year on year due to that game bringing in the bacon) you would be forgiven for thinking that is the direction they are taking.

It is quite refreshing to know any fears they might completely eschew single player are completely unfounded. Multiplayer will be there but like with V, only to compliment and not replace the single player GTA experience which is also Rockstar’s bread and butter.

Secondly, and very thankfully, it will be set in Vice City.

Well, this bit of news really has not been revealed yet. It likely won’t be revealed until the trailer drops next year. Rockstar are really in no rush. But this past week, there has been a supposed leak from the developers of the map that will be used.

Get in, we're doing coke runs from Columbia

It features islands much like most of the previous games. Maps have leaked from Rockstar in the past and as is previously said, the company has a huge number of employees, so it does seem possible that they will leak details. With thousands of employees, it is likely they have some who would sell on this valuable information.

But ultimately, any leak right before the official game reveal (which I can exclusively say is to be … eventually) any news which does not come straight from the mouths of Rockstar or Take Two Interactive, should be taken with a grain of salt roughly the size of the Rock of Gibraltar. Although the single player news should be treated as gospel for the moment as it comes directly from Take Two head Strauss Zelnick.

Although the fact is the title will probably be styled as ‘GTA VI’. The temptation to immediately follow that with ‘ce City 198x’ must have occurred to those behind the game.

Finally, it has a release date!

Well, a rough one. Sandpaper rough. Again, until the official reveal, we won’t know this for sure. But after the worldwide pandemic abates and the dust has settled (hopefully), it is likely (at least according to many) that the announcement will be at the soonest by 2022 and released in 2023. Release a full DECADE after V. Well, being fair, this isn’t definitely the case yet and it is not as if they have left GTA V abandoned since release.

Quite the contrary as it is on 3 different generations of console. I’d love some single player DLC though. Such DLC has been said to exist, or at least lines had been recorded. But who knows with the unprecedented success of GTA Online if they are ever destined to see the light of the inside of a disc tray (if they actually even exist).

See you soon you beautiful islands

Ultimately, while there is no smoke without fire, I will keep my ear to the ground as GTA VI is so hugely anticipated already that even if it were to come out on December 31st, it is virtually guaranteed to be that year’s best seller. Still, with a very critical eye these small titbits have various degrees of value. Expect notes on future facets and whether we should take them with a grain of salt or as Gospel ahead of the eventual reveal by Rockstar and Take Two.

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