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God of War: Tips and Tricks

God of War – 6 tips to Godhood

It’s been a while since we visited Kratos in Midgard, but with the sequel up and coming and with this month's PlayStation plus providing us with his latest adventure for free (7.99 a month but who’s counting). Some of us have had access to this game for years now, and that gives the new players access to the best way to become a god of war. So here are a few tips for new starters to get everything they can out of Midgard from start to finish.

1. Smash everything

Although it may seem beneath a god to smash everything in sight, and as many will come to learn our boy Kratos is having some serious personal growth with his temper. However, most smashable objects contain this world's currency, Hacksilver. Hacksilver is used to upgrade, and purchase and will become one of the most important materials that you can find within the realms. So, if you see a chest, a box or even a blind guy begging on the road…you better smash and get that money.

2. Use the Boy

Kratos rarely needs much help on the battlefield and has always been a lone warrior no matter the opponent. The overhaul that the combat of the series received also allows for Kratos to fight alongside his son Atreus. You will quickly learn that Atreus can handle himself just fine, but also can be controlled by you. Although this starts off as just making him fire a few arrows at an enemy, Atreus can also be upgraded and provide further and more powerful support. As you progress further through the game more abilities for the mini spartan can be unlocked as well, so be sure to utilise him and be generous with your hacksilver and upgrades.

3. Side Quests for the Win

As you progress through the worlds of the Norse you will come across both inhabitants and the echoes of past heroes and villains. This will lead our father and son duo into numerous side quests that will lead to treasures to help them along their way and to the tallest point in the realms. With engaging plots, varied battles, interesting puzzles and a further addition to the narrative, the side quests are worth the separation from the main quest.

4. Bestiary knows best

As you navigate through the realms you will fight a menagerie of beasts both human and monster alike. Some of the enemies you encounter can just be beaten to death with Kartos’s arsenal of weaponry, or just with his fists. Some enemies will take some thought and with the scale on which you fight them, it can be easy enough to forget how to take them on.

The bestiary is the answer to this conundrum, as it houses some basic information on all encountered enemies and weaknesses. This is always accessible, which means even in the heat of battle Kratos can hit pause and have a nice little read to see how to come out on top.

5. Sell Sell Sell

As stated in an earlier entry, Hacksilver is one of the ways to grow stronger within this large and terrifying world. As you navigate the many caves and hidey holes you will amass many treasures, both in the form of general items and weaponry or armour.

Everyone loves to have a choice of wardrobe of course, and all gear can be upgraded to suit you best. But one thing a lot of people do is hoard that gear, and what’s the point in letting all that gear that you won’t wear again gather dust. As well as buying equipment you can go to the available smiths within the game and sell, throwing away your old equipment and receiving a handful of hacksilver in the process.

6. The Road to Asgard is full of breaks

As you discover more and more of the world you will discover powerful bosses that will require great skill and more than likely more health. When you engage with these foes you will probably try a few times to overpower these bosses and end up leaving Atreus as an orphan.

This is where the final tip comes into play, do not be afraid to leave and come back later. The world introduced in God of War is massive and houses many ways to get stronger and learn new ways to beat foes. So, when you do hit a wall, and to be very honest you will, especially on higher difficulties, a break is the best strategy for dominance. A boss that could destroy you a few hours into the game could be child’s play after some story and side quest grinding.

The Hardest boss in God of War will require this technique as many players will need to have accomplished everything to conquer them. So, keep this one in mind, patience will save you a lot of strain and may even save a controller or two.

Do you have any tips to add to these? Let us know in the comments.

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