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Glitchqraft. A more positive gaming community.

This weekend just gone, i had the pleasure of interviewing the founder of the YouTube channel Glitchqraft.

Other than for hiring the writers here at CommieGamer, this was the first interview I've conducted (You will probably be able to tell). Fellow Commie Bandit has put me onto this guy. He's just started a YouTube gaming content channel and I was told he was a great guy. So i was keen to get that exclusive first interview of what could, after all, be a future YouTube star.

Was i nervous? Not really, other than knowing (and dreading) the editing process, where I'd have to hear my own voice (vom) over and over again. I knew it would be a good time.

This was a gamer, my people, and came recommended from another great guy.

I'm sure i'll get used to it, someday.

Now the interview is below. So i wont spoil too much of the contents. But what i really want talk about is the conversation we had directly after the 'official' interview.

Glitch is creating a gaming community based on positivity. Something we here at CommieGamer are also trying to do. His goals are to create great content, but also to meet some great people who share his interest in video games.

Now when i started CommieGamer it was partially out of spite (long story) and part out of wanting to just talk about games. I stuck out some job adverts for writers to get involved, until what i ended up with wasn't a writers pool of employees. But a discord server of friends. (Cue more vomiting)

But it is true that gaming brings people together. And it struck me how close mine and Glitches project ambitions were aligned.

Treaties were signed

We also spent a fair bit of time talking about The Last of Us Part II. Something he's going into in depth on an upcoming video on his channel.

He clearly has a passion for games and I'm proof of this, as he's made a self proclaimed Xbot want to boot up the PS4 and give TLOU and TLOU 2 a go.

He's also joined us in our Discord and wants to be involved in upcoming podcasts and projects with us. So keep eyes and ears open for those.

What I'm really getting at is that gaming communities can be full of horrible toxic salt. But at the heart of it there are some great people out there. So give us (Of course) and Glitchqraft a follow, and join us in our positive gaming world.

And may i present Glitchqraft:

And check out Glitchqrafts page here:

Enjoying our work. Check out our social media links and give us a follow.

Keep it Gamer. Keep it Commie.


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