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Ghost Of Ikishima

Rumour has it that a stand alone DLC is coming for Ghost Of Tsushima.

Industry regular and founder of, @Shpeshal_Nick has tweeted out that a standalone expansion to 2020s beautiful and award winning Samurai stealth 'em up may be coming before the end of the year.

This could well be announced at the rumoured PlayStation Experience event coming up.

This could indicate that Ghost Of Tsushima may be getting a proper PlayStation 5 release along side in the same vein as Spiderman for the PS5 did with Miles Morales.

Unlike Miles Morales they wont be using the same setting, but rather the Japanese island of Ikishima.

Though it is clear this wouldn't be a full scale game just based on the size of the islands.

See Tsushima top, Ikishima bottom right.

It's not clear if this would be a continuation of Jin's story or something completely different. But i suspect that it's being considered stand alone, would mean that this departs from Jin's journey, leaving that continuation for the full sequel we will hopefully be getting.

After what GoT did for tourism of Tsushima, this news will no doubt be exciting for the travel board of Ikishima. The Mongol invasion of Iki took place just after the invasion of Tsushima, so this should time line the game as directly after, however, the game doesn't strictly follow historical accuracy.

This could well be anounced at the rumoured PlayStation Experience event coming up.

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