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Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live Overview

Gamescom 2021 has officially begun and the Opening Night Live show kicked off the event with a range of announcements. It seems like Xbox also decided to abstain some announcements from their own Gamescom show to allow ONL to reveal some other big hitters. The Opening Night Live show was 2 hours long and it included a lot of content.

A lot of games were included in the show and there were several big announcements from different developers and publishers too. To make things easier, we've only included the biggest news in this list.

If you'd like to watch the stream in full, you can find it on YouTube here. There was also a pre-show event that included several reveals such as the King of Fighters release date and Dream Cycle from the creator of Lara Croft.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

The long awaited Marvel strategy game from Firaxis Games has finally been announced. So far we don't have any gameplay but the trailer does give us an idea of what to expect from the game. Characters such as the Avengers, Wolverine and Ghost Rider were all included in the announcement trailer. It's also been confirmed that there will be a gameplay debut on September 1st.

Saints Row

The Saints Row reboot was shown off at Gamescom with the first announcement trailer. It will be set in the city of Santo Ileso where you'll be working to form The Saints and build your empire. We were also given a release date. The Saints Row reboot will be launching February 25th 2022.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

Opening Night Live gave use a new look at the upcoming campaign for Call of Duty: Vanguard. It included an extended preview of one of the main characters in the campaign. The character, Polina, is based on Lyudmila Pavlichenko who was one of the greatest snipers in the world.

Halo Infinite

For some reason Xbox decided to hold back on the Halo Infinite details during their Gamescom presentation. The release date for Halo Infinite was finally announced during the Opening Night Live show. Halo Infinite will release December 8th 2021.

The show also revealed a new Halo Infinite controller design for Xbox Series X and a new limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X. Both of these can be pre-ordered already for release ahead of the game.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

The beloved ally to the turtles is joining as a playable character! April O'Neil the star reporter has joined the lineup and helping the turtles kick some Foot Clan butt! The trailer also confined that slices of pizza can revive the turtles.

New World

It was announced at Opening Night Live that Amazon's MMO will be getting an open beta next month. New World will be going into open beta on September 9th until September 12th ahead of its release date later that month. Let's hope the graphic card killing problem has been fixed!


The kung-fu game Sifu that was announced during E3 now has a release date. Unlike other games, players will age with every death. Sifu will release on February 22nd 2022.


First announced as a MMO, DokeV is now an open word action-adventure game where players go around collecting creatures. The developer decided to shift genres and move it away from being an MMORPG. The gameplay trailer we saw included a lot of exploration and incredible graphics but not much in terms of how the combat will work.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Announced at ONL, Jurassic World Evolution 2 finally has a release date. The game will be launching November 9th this year. The new trailer also gave us a look at some creation tools, ocean animals, sky animals and other dinosaurs we can have in the game.

Cult of the Lamb

Devolved Digital revealed a new game they're publishing. With cute cinematics and gameplay, Cult of the Lamb looks both adorable, dark and a little bit twisted all at once. It's an action rouguelike game with some dungeon crawler elements too.

Park Beyond

Frontier Developments has been a little unchallenged with 3D park building and management games but they might finally have a competitor. Park Beyond is a theme park building game that uses “impossification” to build rides that defy the laws of engineering and physics.

Vampire the Masquerade: Blood Hunt

Giving us another glimpse at the gameplay for Blood Hunt, this new trailer focuses on the Toreador clan once again. Blood Hunt will be coming to Steam Early Access on September 7th.

The Outlast Trials

The next entry to the survival horror series is getting closer to release. The Outlast Trials is set during the Cold War and brings co-op into the series so you and your friends can be terrified together. There's no release date yet but it will be releasing in 2022.

Horizon: Forbidden West

After being delayed out of 2021, Guerilla Games was able to confirm during Opening night Live that the game is releasing soon. Horizon: Forbidden West will release February 18th 2022 for PS5 and PS4.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Lego games might not be at the top of most peoples lists but that doesn't mean they aren't fun games to play. The Skywalker Saga combines all of the movies into one epic Lego game with the typical gameplay and humour we've come to love. There's no exact release date yet but it will be releasing in Spring 2022.

Far Cry 6

The graphics in the new Far Cry 6 trailer might look a bit questionable in some places but that's not the point. Ubisoft revealed a new story trailer for the upcoming game giving us a better look of what to expect from the plot of the game with a bit of gameplay included in places.

Lost Judgement

This might be part of the Yakuza series but it's nothing like the main series. Lost Judgement follows a private detective as he investigates a strange new case involving a tortured body and a disgraced police officer. Lost Judgement releases September 24th.

Age of Empires 4

The new trailer gave us a look at the Rise of Moscow campaign. While there was plenty of gameplay included in this new trailer, it also included some live-action medieval fighting.

Death Stranding: Director's Cut

The Director's Cut is releasing on September 24th so it's only natural for it to be included in Gamescom 2021. The new trailer shows off some of the new items, features and missions added to this version of the game. It also included Sam having some fun in the Private Room listening to the new music and taking pictures. Death Stranding: Director's Cut will release September 24th.

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