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Foxy Fighting Furry Fun. Tunic Demo - a Review

Tunic is an isometric adventure RPG from Finji Studio that has been gaining attention in part due to it’s Zelda like similarities. But also, for its adorable protagonist, a green shirted anthropomorphic fox.

Now this review is for the demo that has been put out as part of Xbox’s post brilliant E3 show, summer of gaming, not the full game.

Somewhat uniquely, the demo isn’t a chunk of the game, but rather a specifically created map to give you a taste for the different areas and enemies you will encounter in the full.

First off, while I see the Zelda like comparisons, I think another game has had its influence on this cute combat romp. One that gets bought up almost comically often these days, but when you create a sub-genre that’s bound to happen. Yes, this is Fox-Souls.

I’m not personally a fan of the Souls games, I love their design, but do not have any patience or tolerance for dying. Throwing myself against a wall until it eventually breaks is not my typical ‘good time’.

So, I was disappointed when this turned out to be the case with Tunic. While I’d hoped for a fun furry romp, swinging swords, easily slaying my way through other animalistic creatures. I instead got the living s**t kicked out of me, again and again.

Ok, so I wasn’t dying to the first baddie I met and do personally feel I did quite well. But it became very clear that this was not the kids game It looked to be.

I gave up after 15 minutes. I resolved that this was just another game I won’t be playing.

But a day later with a little time, but no motivation to jump into a bigger game, I thought I’d give it another shot. I died, I tried, I died some more. But…. I get it. I was enjoying myself, enjoying the challenge.

This is only the demo, but if the main game continues in the same way, then the distances between the ‘campfires’ isn’t too bad. You don’t feel like you’ve lost too much progress in death. You also keep your finds, grabbing the sword then getting killed, I respawn at the last site with my sword in hand. The same goes for shortcuts, making progress not feel totally wasted.

Got my sword, now time to die horribly.

Proudly I can say I completed this demo. There are beasts on the map that I didn’t kill, and doors left unopened. But I saw the fade to titles, so keep my pride. It just means there’s more to go back for.

But these baddies ain’t no joke. A giant club wielding skeleton, who summons smaller mobs, and can kill you in a couple of strikes. This appears to be the ‘challenge’ boss of this demo. One that I’m keen to rise to again.

My first attempt at this game had me giving in, consigned to never play again. But now I want more. It’s probably a breeze for the hardcore souls-like fans. For me this is a great addition to the genre. Giving me the challenge, I didn’t know I wanted, but the cute fox I know I did.

Want to check it out but missed the demo days. Check out this playthrough.

Tunic will be coming to Xbox Game Pass day 1 release. So get your subscription here.

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