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Floppy Knights: Review

Imagine a world where sixteen-year-olds have the chance to move out of their parent's house and purchase a home of their own. In all reality that is the least believable part of Rose City Game’s Floppy Knights and that is saying something. However, hidden in this fantasy world is a surprisingly deep strategy game. So let’s attach our mechanical arm, pop up some holograms and make our way to escape from our parents.

Floppy Knights follows the adventures of Phoebe and her self-constructed AI Carlton. This pair of geeks live in a world where fantasy meets science fiction and card games. Phoebe is going to have to make her way in the world and to do that she is going to make use of her holographic technology. This tech allows her to create solid images of monsters and battle them against a myriad of foes. All of this is told in a storybook-like style, and in truth, this is one of the charms of the game.

The plot of the Floppy Knights is simple, for the most part. Phoebe has a task she wants to complete and she is going to do her best to complete it. She needs to earn enough money to survive and earn it by completing small jobs. There’s never really a ‘deep’ moment for the character and the stakes are suitably minimal, but this is all part of the charm.

There isn’t much to the gameplay of Floppy Knights, at least at first. The game makes use of a grid system where enemies take up positions on a small battlefield. Players will need to use a deck of cards to summon their warriors, as well as move them and attack. There are several different cards with many effects and this is where the challenge comes in.

The first move players have to make is to bring in their captains, this is the most powerful card the player has. This captain is the lynchpin, and if they die then the match is over. After this the player can summon more monsters or make the ones they have move and attack. The small pool of energy granted each turn controls all of this. However, survivability is key, players need to keep cards alive in order to save energy for their other skills. There are several ways to ensure their survival, and it all revolves around the cards that the player uses and the environment.

It isn’t only the player’s troops who are affected by the environment, however, the enemies are as well. For instance, the player's initial deck is stronger when in the trees and the goblins they will face are as well. It all means that players must keep their eyes open and plan their moves. There are also numerous bonuses given to the opponent, including regenerators and reinforcements that the player needs to deal with. It makes each battle feel unique and keeps players invested. In truth, there are arguably more tactical options available here than in many other card games out at the moment.

Card games and grid-based battle systems are a mix that holds a lot of possibilities for players. There are chances for developers to add in complex tactics but hide them in simplicity. The game allows the player to grow as they play and the difficulty never reaches the point where it feels impossible. The tutorial does a great job of slowly implementing new aspects and explaining them. The player is never left feeling overwhelmed and at a loss.

Floppy Knights has a lot to offer players when it comes to both its gameplay and its story. The cute characters and entertaining dialogue help to hide the game's more interesting gameplay. There’s something here for fans of card games and grid-based strategy. So if you’re looking for some fun tactical gameplay then take to the fields and be ready to duel…but no Exodia this time.

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