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Final Space – Season 3: Review

For years I have been a massive fan of the 2018 adult animation Final Space. I remember seeing the thumbnail on Netflix late one evening during the university summer holidays and I can’t lie initially I did write it off as another attempt to cash in on the Rick and Morty sci-fi comedy animation phenomena…but how wrong could I have been!

For those unaware the show follows Gary Godspeed and his team (comprising of Mooncake, Avocato, Little Cato and Quinn/Nightfall and others who come and go) as they navigate through the weird and wonderful universe attempting to discover the secrets of the ominous pocket dimension that is “final space”.

The wait between season 2 and season 3 seemed like a lifetime due to conflicting release dates between the UK and the US, however when I saw that the third (and sadly final season) was released in the UK it is no surprise that alike with all the previous seasons I invested a whole day and rediscovered the characters, the journey and the universe that I had fallen in love with many times.

What made this season different was the location took place primarily within “final space”, the gang finally rescued Quinn and in the first few episodes of the season it seemed that the mission was complete…or so we were led to believe!

Throughout the season we watch in awe as the team are taken from pillar to post, battling enemies of galactic proportions and encountering life forms who were trapped in this post apocalyptic land.

A big part of this season focused on character development, in particular the development of Quinn who was forced to battle her nature as she didn’t want to become Nightfall. Avocato had to come to terms with the horrors of his past and confess to the things he had done whilst under the influence of Invictus and what was most surprising was seeing Tribore evolve from comedic relief to an actual hero.

This season made me laugh, at times made me cry and genuinely touched my heart as I was able to see the characters I’ve loved for years with such new and exciting depth. An addition to this season that I adored was the new character Biskit.

Biskit is a loveable tiger tiger who I just found to be highly relatable, highly dramatic, highly comedic and overall just a joy to have on screen (there has since been a pin badge made of him and with my birthday coming up next week, very tempted to order one).

What was sad to discover though is that this season wasn’t meant to be the final season, Olan Rogers has confirmed that he did anticipate on running the show for 6 seasons so it is upsetting to know that we are only getting half the story and the ending being a cliff-hanger doesn’t feel as satisfying as it could’ve…but of course the entertainment business can be a cruel mistress and I guess Final Space just didn’t make it this time.

See the video farewell from Olan here:

The above being said though Rogers has come out (today in fact) and said that he is in talks to continue the story whether that be in the form of a graphic novel or a console video game, so maybe we won’t have to say goodbye to Gary and the gang for too long…I am certainly remaining hopeful!

Final Space season 3 is now available to stream in full on Netflix

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Oct 11, 2021

This would be enjoyable if the English was improved. Unfortunately, the lax English takes away from the review hugely. However, I agree that it is sad this season is the final season as the previous seasons have been awesome. Hopefully it continues somehow!

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