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Final Fantasy Souls game set for E3?

Since late last week there have been a number of suspected leaks and rumours pointing to Square Enix announcing another major PlayStation 5 exclusive title.

This won’t come as a huge shock as over the years there have been several PlayStation exclusives, with many of the earlier games in the long running franchise initially only being available on older generations of Sony’s games consoles.

However with E3 just around the corner several leaks have been reported that are suggesting Square is set to announce another major Final Fantasy title along with the already announced Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

You just know he's down for some brooding.

The information currently doing the rounds suggested that Square is working on a new game with Team Ninja, the studio behind the Nioh games and behind the development of Final Fantasy Dissidia NT (the fighting game set in the Final Fantasy Universe), and seems to point towards a game that brings in some of the ideas that are seen frequently in the ‘Soulsbourne’ subgenre of games.

Not much is currently know at present, however some leaks have revealed the name as Final Fantasy Origin and there will apparently be an alpha demo titled “Strangers in Paradise” coming sometime summer 2021.

I guess we’ll know more when Square Enix takes to the stage at E3 next month.

Check out the trailer for Final Fantasy XVI here:

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