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The arrival of FIFA 21 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate...

The arrival of FIFA 21 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the importance of this series in the videogame industry.

Sports videogames are one of the most long-lived and characteristic genres of this medium, since their gameplay based on well-known sports manages to attract all types of players, from the most amateur to the casual ones. Among all the sports videogames that currently exist, one of the most successful is definitely the FIFA series, which as we all know, is based on the most popular sport in the world: Football (Soccer).

FIFA videogames are characterized by their fun gameplay that manages to simulate very well the experience of an authentic Soccer match (which has been polished over the years) and for being a franchise that releases a new game annually, which always try to offer new features and improvements in the gameplay, graphical improvements, updates of leagues and official teams, new game modes, among other features.

However, it should also be mentioned that some titles have fewer new features than others, which is an aspect that has been highly criticized by players who are fans of this series, since on many occasions they have had to buy a new FIFA game that practically offers almost the same as its predecessor, but with some improvements or changes.

Spot the Difference

For that reason, many gamers wish that EA Sports (the developer of FIFA) would sometimes opt to release a big paid update that implements the new features of the corresponding year, instead of releasing a new game, which ends up being more expensive for its fans (although this could change thanks to EA Play).

Despite the above, there is no doubt that FIFA is still one of the most important videogame series, since its excellent gameplay can be easily enjoyed by all types of audiences, regardless of whether they are Soccer or videogame fans.

Having said that, the latest game in this series has been the outstanding FIFA 21, which is characterized by being the first game of this franchise to be released for the current generation consoles, so this game obviously presents a huge graphical and performance improvement that takes advantage of the hardware of these consoles.

FIFA 21 has also been very much loved by players, as the new visual and gameplay innovations that this game offered greatly improved the realism that matches and tactical possibilities can achieve. Some of the most outstanding new features in the gameplay of FIFA 21 were its new agile dribbling system, the complicated Competitor Mode, the Position Modifier system, the creative runs, the new licenses, the new clothing sets, among many others.

These features make FIFA 21 a must-have title for today's consoles, especially now that the game will be more accessible than ever, as Electronic Arts announced that from May 6 FIFA 21 will be available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This announcement is clearly great news for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC gamers who take advantage of Game Pass Ultimate, as FIFA 21 is a great addition to the excellent catalogue of sports games offered by the Xbox service thanks to EA Play, which also offers other notable videogames such as NHL 21 and Madden NFL 21.

EA Play included as part of GPU

Also, being able to enjoy the latest FIFA for virtually free is a big step for this videogame series. That said, the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate have arguably made the Xbox X Series X|S the best console for sports fans today.

It should also be mentioned that EA Play is also available for PlayStation, although it will require a separate subscription fee.

In conclusion, fans of sports videogames are in the best generation to enjoy the best titles of this genre, such as the iconic FIFA franchise, as they are more accessible than ever.

FIFA 21 will be available May 6th via Xbox Game Pass and EA Play.

Get your hands on Game Pass Ultimate or buy FIFA 21 for PlayStation or Xbox today.


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