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Fallout 5: Still Alive?

With the next Elder Scrolls on the Tamriel horizon and Starfield getting ready for a vacuum-packed breakfast, Bethesda fans are still itching to know what is in store for Fallout 5.

The fact that Bethesda is now owned by Microsoft, there's hope for a continued apocalypse, the way an apocalypse should be enjoyed.

Of course, there's some unwanted features that would be desired to be avoided such as the infamous micro-transactions. We all know that microtransactions are becoming more and more frequent in gaming so maybe we can bite the bullet and they can be forgiven if only cosmetics are on offer...

As much as fallout 76 split the audience, it had some potential qualities that could help fallout 5; such as the co-operative search for launch codes, the plethora of new abominations to fight including the goliath that is the Scorchbeast and the great community in general that 76 brought together.

I experienced this first-hand a couple of times as generous players wearing barbaric raider and power armour dished out countless legendary weapons and useful bits and bobs they’d collected.

Sidenote: The very well received Fallout London goes to show that other parts of the world besides America would be exciting and fresh (as fresh as a nuclear wasteland can be). The developers were even able to get Jason Statham starring in it, so that's a massive one up on the modding community.

Fallout 4 could be used as a lesson learned about quest progress too. For an open world game, it seemed very linear, the only places you visited in the main quest lead you in a straight line. Compared to Fallout 3 which explored a vast amount compared. Beautifully chaotic which is what should be expected.

So maybe co-op multiplayer isn't a bad idea for Fallout. We've seen mods for Skyrim that connect your pals, so you can hang out with ya boi Ralof right from the beginning when "you're finally awake".

We need to ask ourselves as dedicated fans:

Is co-op an option?

Is it a better option than a server of randomers?

Oh yeah and old school VATS needs to come back, let’s be honest.

Hopefully Micro-thesda will take the fan base' desires and apply them to their next Fallout adventure.

Pick up the last solo good time in American wasteland, Fallout 4, for Xbox or PlayStation.

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