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Elden Ring has Quietly Appeared on Steam

When Elden Ring was first announced for PC, we have no idea what platform it would be available on. There was concern that it might only be for the Epic Games Store due to the number of exclusive deals Epic has been making with developers.

What platforms were confirmed before this?

Before this quiet addition to Steam, we knew the game would be coming to PC and most modern consoles. It will be launching for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 along with Xbox One and the Xbox Series consoles.

When the first trailer was revealed at the Xbox E3 2019 show, it listed Windows PC alongside Xbox One. Due to this, many of us assumed it would be released for the Windows Store.

However, we all missed something important at E3 2021.

Elden Ring on Steam was announced at E3

Publishers might use the same trailer but they often use slightly different end titles to highlight their own consoles. Both Xbox and PlayStation did this with Elden Ring which is why we initially missed Steam being a launch platform.

FROMSOFTWARE posted an updated trailer for the game during the 2021 Summer Game Fest over E3. The end title screen for this one confirms all the platforms for Elden Ring such as the Xbox Series consoles, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It also lists Steam as a release platform.

The official system requirements for Elden Ring haven't been posted yet though we can expect this to come relatively soon. While there have been some supposed leaks, nothing has been confirmed yet. The posting to Steam was very quiet so the game isn't in the most wishlisted games list yet though this will probably change soon.

Elden Ring will launch on Steam on January 20th 2022 alongside the console release.

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