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Eight Vampire Games to Play After Redfall

The release of Redfall left for some a bitter, if coppery, taste in the mouth. Some hoped for the ability to play as a vampire. Others maybe just couldn’t look past a few release bugs. I can’t say, I enjoyed it.

We thought we’d investigate some other Vampire related games to help you try to satisfy that unquenchable thirst.

Here are our top eight vampire games to sink your teeth into.

1: Evil West

Dropping late last year to thunderous indifference, Evil West is a third-person cowboy shooter where you work for a vampire hunting institute to fight off the hematophagous threat to America and their monstrous lackeys.

With co-op available to play with one friend, upgradeable weapons and vampire hunting toolkit, and a nice linear campaign, this might fill those twin puncture holes Redfall left behind.

2: Vampire Survivor

A vast departure in playstyle from Redfall, Vampire Survivors was a surprise hit last year. Winning way more awards than a game which looks like this seems like it could. But truly this 80s arcade cabinet of a game proves you should never judge a book by its cover.

Playable with one thumbstick and occasionally the press of a button, the objective is to run about gathering weapons and upgrades while fighting off unholy amounts of monster sprites. The weapons fire themselves, creating a bullet hell vibe, but where you provide the threat.

I honestly can’t stress enough how much fun this game is, being my number one indie game from 2022 and frankly within a shot of being in my top games of all time.

3: Legacy of Kain: Defiance

While we’d love to recommend Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver on this list, it’s no longer possible to grab this game on Steam since October last year. And with Crystal Dynamics selling the IP to Embracer, it’s unknown when it might next be available.

So here we have Legacy of Kain: Defiance, the fifth in the series. A hack and slash where you play as the titular demigod and cut your way through swaths of enemy creatures. Heavy on story and bleak style, these games are perfect for reigniting your inner noughties gothic emo kid.

4: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

This was of course inevitably going to end up on any list regarding vampire games. An old-school RPG with modern hyper-realistic (for 2004) graphics, this game delivers an overflowing organic blood bag of edgy hot-topic gothness.

You select your character from a variety of different vampire cliches, be that the hot elegant type, or the straight-up Nosferatu monsters who will be hunted in the streets just for looking a bit, ok a lot, terrifying.

Recommended as a must-play, it’s also suggested to install the unofficial patch if you want this to run on your shiny modern PC.

5: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Now we could have picked any of the Castlevania series to add to a list of vampire games. And while the original Metroidvania (psst young people, the ‘vania’ in Metroidvania comes from Castlevania) style games are great for 2d hard as nails platforming. This more modern take on the series has a lot more in common with Devil May Cry or God of War.

Castlevania as a lore is fantastic, the recent anime series has shown just how developed this world can be. In Lords of Shadow, you get a nice look into this world with great visuals and excellent voice acting. The sequel has Patrick Stewart and Jason Isaacs no less.

These games didn’t get quite the appreciation they deserved on release as they stray so far from the traditional game style of Castlevania. People, shockingly, hate change. But they are well worth a go, especially if you’re trying to fill a vampire void.

6: Vampyr

Set in early 20th century London, Vampyr captures the gothic industrial vibes of Bram Stoker's Dracula or From Hell. You play a vampire doctor who has the task of finding a cure to save the city from the flu, while needing to feed on those you are trying to save to survive and fight off vampire hunters.

There is a nice Bioshock-esk dilemma here, being strong enough to fight having monstrously consumed enough innocent people. Or struggling to get by just feeding off the occasional wrongen.

The combat and the need to often avoid it makes Vampyr no walk in the park, which can be frustrating for many. Tedious even. So, you’re probably only going to have a good time with this one if you can handle such things in your video games.

7: V Rising

Currently in early access but already busting with positive reviews, V Rising sets you in an open world as a vampire to terrorise and conquer the living. Compared favourable to Valheim and Diablo, this appears to be a unique blood-sucking experience. With building mechanics and recruitment to build up your own gothic empire filled with thralls.

The building itself to me seems less like Valheim and more like Dreamlight Valley, with pre-set items to place down. While this might stifle freedom for some, for most this will just prevent spoiling the vampy aesthetic with awkwardly placed staircases.

The fighting features some awesome vampiric powers and not just humans to kill, but mythical monsters too.

Currently in cheap pre-release prices on Steam, his is certainly one to keep an eye on.

8: Skyrim

To end our list, we have a game you’ve probably already played at least once, Skyrim. While not a vampire game as such, there are vampires. More importantly, you can become a vampire.

Being a vampire in an Elder Scrolls game gives you some impressive boons, extra strength improved sneaking, plus other spells that only exist for the creatures of the night. And of course, the ability to drink blood from sleeping victims.

There are some negatives too, naturally. Not being able to survive long in the daylight is a major one. And looking like a hideous beast should you go too long without feeding. But if you’re looking to play Skyrim as a Dracula simulator, then these are just further pros.

Skyrim has a great ‘create your own adventure’ vibe which means this could well be enough for you. But they do have the Dawnguard DLC, where vampires become story integral. You can either join the Dawnguard and become a vampire hunter. Or, and saying better yet might show my bias but… better yet, join the vampires and destroy the Dawnguard.

This decision is yours and yours alone. (See you in the night, my blood brother)

There you have it. Eight vampiric video games to fill the Redfall shortfall in your life.

Are there any you’d like to add to the list? Have you discovered your new favourite game here? Please let us know in the comments. And be sure to check us out on YouTube and everywhere else.

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