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Edge of Eternity: Review

Edge of Eternity is a strange game, one that differs from the norm, but it is also one that has great potential. The game was released over all of the major platforms back in 2021 to mostly favourable reviews. However, it recently came out on Game Pass so we’re here to help you decide if you want to play.

One important thing to know about this game is that a relatively small team developed it. This means that certain aspects should be given a slightly more lenient view. This doesn’t excuse everything of course, but it bears remembering for the time being.

One of the most obvious things to notice is the actual look of the game. The visuals are…well when putting a game on all of the major consoles there are always certain aspects that suffer. The graphics are not amazing, they’re not bad, but they’re not great either. This is mostly related to the animations rather than the art direction. Character models feel stiff when they move and there is a distinct lack of flow. This is somewhat offset by the art, which is stunning. The landscapes are fascinating to look at and the actual designs are all good enough to forgive some of the more…janky aspects.

The plot is definitely a slow burn and it takes a loooooooong time for it to get to an interesting speed. Essentially the story focuses on a brother and sister as they try to find a cure for a world-ending calamity. This is all offset by a massive war between two powers. Frankly, the start of the game is painfully generic and certainly not the strong point. It does get more interesting but even then it struggles to be truly gripping. However, the characters are truly a strength for the game, at least in terms of their writing. Some moments made me laugh, and moments that were certainly heartstring pullers. Unfortunately, the voice acting is…less than stellar. There are some standouts but the bad is more noticeable than the good.

Gameplay is…interesting. Essentially the game is a classic JRPG with the combat being turn-based, in a manner of speaking. When you encounter an enemy the battlefield is changed into a grid. Players can move the characters to different points in the grid and attack enemies based on range and the types of attack. Each character has their own bar that fills as time passes and once it is full they have a range of actions available. The system works fine, but there is a problem that hampers it. The character's weapons can all be equipped with gems, these gems each offer different stat boosts as well as the potential for new attacks. There is a certain familiarity with the materia system from Final Fantasy 7. However, it takes a long time to find the gems and the majority of them don’t offer anything other than stats. This is fine in the long game, but it means that the early game has very few options for the player and that early battles are more of a chore than they really need to be.

Edge of Eternity is, by no means, a bad game. It requires a lot of investment and a generous eye to get the best end result. If you are willing to put in the 50+ hours to see everything then you’ll find a game that is entertaining in its own way but certainly has a few bumps. However, you can ride giant cats and they are as adorable as you’d think. So there is that.

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