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E3 Capcom. Monsters, Lawyers and Let Downs

Everything announced at Capcom E3 showing

Today Capcom made many announcements at their E3 showing with a Nintendo direct style presentation. The presentation was quite lowkey as they did not announce any new games and only announced updates to games that have already been released and new details about games which are set to come out soon.

Resident Evil Re Verse Coming out July

The first announcement was that Resident Evil Re Verse will be launching next month. The game pits Resident Evil icons against each other in multiplayer matches at iconic environments like the Racoon City Police Department.

Resident Evil Village DLC

At the end of the Resident Evil section of the event they announced development had started on additional content for the game, but no details were revealed. More information is coming soon.

Monster Hunter Rise updates

Monster Hunter Rise will be getting costumes from Monster Hunter Stories 2 for gamers who have both games. New quests, cosmetics and emotes are coming to the game on the 24th of June for free. More crossover content with other Capcom games is coming in future but no details have been announced.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 updates

Capcom showed off a new trailer for the game and announced it would receive free updates after launch including the Canine companion Palamute. A trial version will be launching on the 25th of June that allows the transfer of save files to the main game. There will also be crossover content will Monster Hunter Rise.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

A new trailer that showed off a beautiful looking animated sequence was shown but little else was shown besides more gameplay footage. The Dance of deduction feature was shown off that allows the games detective Herlock Sholmes (yes that is correct) to gather clues through deduction which are then corrected by the players to gather the truth. The Summation Examination feature was also shown it challenges the player to face off against the jurors and convince them that the defendant is innocent.

Street Fighter 5 E-Sports Update

Street Fighter 5 E-Sports will be having a Capcom Cup which is the grand prize of the Capcom Pro Tour. Individual tournaments in the build up to the final game have 5000-dollar prize pools. Everyone who plays online during the pro tour will receive exclusive cosmetic items.

Although I am sure many Resident Evil and Monster Hunter fans are pleased with the announcements today the whole presentation felt like it should have just been tweeted instead.

Care to feel the let down for yourself, watch the entire showcase here:

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