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Dolby Vision in Games on the Xbox Series Consoles

Xbox Alpha ring insiders are currently able to experience Dolby Vision within Games.#

Dolby's best in industry audio enhancement system 'Dolby Atmos' has already been available on Xbox games since the Xbox One, giving 3D audio to compatible headphones and sound systems.

While the Xbox Series X and S have supported 'Dolby Vision' on the internal UHD Blu-ray and some streaming services such as Netflix since launch. This has until now not been available within Games on any platform.

Dolby Vision brings enhanced image quality and Atmos brings immersive sound. This stellar combination promises to make playing on the Series range of consoles a dream for fans of high quality AV.

To explain the effect on gaming from Dolby themselves:

“Dolby Vision lets gamers see more of their favourite games while levelling up gameplay with brighter highlights, sharper contrast, and more vibrant colours. Epic worlds – such as lush rainforests, desolate war zones, or neon futuristic cities – are brought to life in more colour. Dolby Vision can make it easier to see opponents hiding in the shadows and spot hidden clues through expanded contrast and better clarity in both light and dark scenes. And because Dolby Vision games automatically map to any display with Dolby Vision, you’re always seeing the best possible picture available. This means… no more sliders to adjust your picture settings.”

*Happy AV nerd noises*

As an insider myself but not Alpha ring i can hardly wait for this to trickle down to my tier.

With Auto HDR and FPS boost making game play already look beyond anything available on a console before, this is going to add just another layer of awe.

With Xbox Series X still being out of stock, why not jump in with the entry level priced Series S.

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