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Dogs are getting a video game console: Introducing the Joipaw

Joipaw might sound like a joke but the company is serious about bringing the health benefits of video games to dogs. The company believes that these games can have cognitive benefits for dogs, especially those with ageing brains. It's also backed by science!

It was originally conceived as a potential way of alleviating boredom and separation anxiety for the co-founders' puppy but they quickly released it could do much more. Joipaw claims the console could offer cognitive benefits which may even delay the onset of canine dementia. This would be a form of preventative dog health care that provides mental and physical stimulation.

Games on the Joipaw have dogs use their nose on the touch-screen. Getting it right gives them a reward via an integrated treat dispenser. The games so far include a whack-a-mole challenge and choice game where dogs need to pick the image that contains the most bubbles. Of course, there are also plans so that humans can play games alongside their dogs using the console.

Anyone interested can pay a fully refundable deposit of around $6 USD via the official website for the exciting device. There's no confirmed price or release date for it yet.

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