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Disney wants a new Star Wars game every 6 Months

Tom Henderson is a recognised source of legitimate leaks, news and claims about upcoming games and the industry in general. He's now been told Disney wants to release a new Star Wars game every 6 months.

Henderson reports that his sources have provided some information about upcoming Star Wars games. Disney intends to release one major AAA title and one smaller game every fiscal year. His sources note that two Star Wars games per year “is something Lucasfilm is set to deliver on” and that eight games are confirmed to be in development right now.

Here are the upcoming Star Wars games according to Henderson's sources:

• Star Wars: Eclipse – Quantic Dream

• Knights of the Old Republic Remake – Saber Interactive

• Jedi: Survivor (Fallen Order sequel) – Respawn Entertainment

• Amy Hennig's Game – Skydance Media

• Untitled FPS – Respawn Entertainment

• Open World Game – Ubisoft Massive

• Star Wars: Hunters – Zynga

• Untitled Strategy Game – Respawn Entertainment

According to the sources, “there are several more in development” but no details were provided on those. It's thought that some of these titles are “at least 4 years away” which would support the possibility of two Star Wars game releases per year.


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