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Diablo 4 might be released in April 2023

Diablo 4 is officially listed for a 2023 release but there's been no word on exactly when. According to some inside sources, it will be released in April 2023.

Windows Central has been told by its sources that Blizzard is planning for an April 2023 release for Diablo 4. This follows the discussion on the recent XboxEra podcast where it was claimed that a new trailer would be coming for The Game Awards show in December which will announce an April 2023 release. This follows a previous leak claiming that a Diablo 4 prepurchase reveal was being planned for the Game Awards showcase this year. It's thought that preorders will open during the show which multiple editions and a premium physical collector's edition too. According to the information leaked by the sources, Diablo 4 will be getting an open beta in February 2023 and one of the preorder benefits will be early access to this beta,


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