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Dead Island 2 is delayed AGAIN

After years of delays and no news, Dead Island 2 was finally confirmed to be releasing in early 2023. True to form, Dead Island 2 has now been delayed again. While Dead Island 2 was originally slated for a February 2023 release, the game has been pushed back by 12 weeks. The team announced on Twitter that the “irony of delaying Dead Island 2” is not lost on them but they feel it is necessary so they can “launch a game we're proud to launch”. However, they did sweeten the blow with the promise of a fresh look at Dead Island 2 very soon. A new trailer and more gameplay will be shown off during a Dead Island 2 Showcase which will be broadcast on December 6thon the official Twitch and YouTube channels. The announcement from the team is a little bittersweet but the general attitude online toward the news is a positive one. Dead Island 2 will now release on April 28th released2023 instead.


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