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Dark Souls 3 Gets FPS Boost on Xbox

Good news Souls fans. Furthering Xbox’s preservation and enhancement of legacy games goals, Dark Souls III has received an FPS boost.

Long requested by fans, Dark Souls will now be enjoyable in buttery 60 frames per second on the Xbox Series consoles.

According to those who have worked on this enhancement it wasn’t unlocked in the same method employed by other Xbox Series FPS boosted games. But rather involved working with publisher Bandia Namco and From Software themselves to get working in a unique way.

Xbox boasts a large number of titles that have been boosted, with more to come throughout this console generation. You can take a look at their backward compatible catalogue here.

The From Software series is notoriously challenging, while those extra frames may make your violent deaths more pleasing to behold, there’s no guarantee you’ll be seeing ‘You Died’ any less.

Without any reduced difficulty setting, Dark Souls is a great solo game to boast to have beaten, however it also contains up to 4 player co-op, which should make checking this one off the completed list a little easier.

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