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Cronus Zen: Cheating made possible on Consoles

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to promote Cronus Zen devices and their ilk, but rather to raise awareness against a bad phenomenon that has swept competitive gaming in the recent period.

Consoles have always been distinguished from PC by the absence of cheats in competitive games. Game files and codes are encrypted on consoles and difficult to access, and therefore difficult to modify.

Unfortunately, that time is over, and cheating has become possible and available to all console users, not only on consoles, but also on PC, and in a diabolically innovative way, these devices have been widely welcomed by those fools who don't mind cheating in games that rely on player’s skills. And according to the principle of “know your enemy”, let’s get to know together the most famous and latest device in this field, Cronus Zen: how it works, its features, and most importantly, the position of game companies on it.

How does Cronus Zen work ?

In principle, it is a small device that is connected to a console or PC, with a wire or an antenna, and does not require any special software or third-party hardware to control it, but rather has a small screen that allows you to control everything.

The usual methods of cheating on the personal computer are recognized by the security system naturally, and the company bans users of these methods. As for this method, it is indeed diabolical, as we mentioned; Where the device recognizes the identification codes of the control hand, then copies them and sends them to the console, so the console recognizes it as a normal control hand without problems. In short, the device's inventors were able to make the console handle it like a normal controller.

Unfortunately, Cronus Zen is compatible with literally all devices, from the Nintendo Switch, to PC, current and older generation devices, and even smartphones! Of course it is also compatible with all controllers, both ancient and modern.

Cronus Zen Features

So why do we consider Cronus Zen a cheat in the first place? What does this device offer to its users? Here are the top reasons why we think he's cheating.

Mods And Scripts

It is the most important feature and the basic purpose of this device; There are thousands of tweaks you can make to different games, from anti-recoil weapons to rapid fire firing and quick revive to your teammates. Which makes you jump or bend automatically when aiming to dodge enemy shots “Auto Strafe”, and a lot of other modifications that are increasing day by day. All of these mods are freely available to Cronus Zen owners via the device's user communities.

Mods are tailored to specific games

There are mods stored in the device and preset for specific games, you can choose the game you want and the device will automatically prepare the mods for this game, you can play directly and enjoy being a cheater who can't rely on his skills, and he turns to some device to help him.

The device supports all games -according to their official website-, and full support for all modern games is added as soon as they are launched.

Using the mouse and keyboard on the console

As you know, most of the games on the console do not support the mouse and keyboard, and mostly those games that do not support cross-platform play, forcing all players to use a controller to achieve the principle of equal opportunities; Because the mouse and keyboard have a clear advantage over the controller in shooting games.

So, the principle is not to allow players to use a mouse and keyboard against other players using the controller. Well, Cronus Zen allows you to use any mouse and keyboard in any game on consoles, and not only that, but you can use the mods for the controller, which we mentioned earlier, on the mouse and keyboard! That is, you not only get the advantage of a mouse and keyboard in front of players using the controller - which is cheating in itself - but you also get modifications such as Anti Recoil, and other modifications.

The position of Sony and Microsoft on these devices.

Unfortunately, there is no clear response or position from Sony or Microsoft towards Cronus Zen and its ilk; The console treats it like a normal controller, not a third party device that can be blocked, so anyone can use it on any console without being banned. But of course this is not an excuse for anyone to use these devices, it is a clear cheating of what we mentioned earlier.

The major game companies have also not commented on this phenomenon, and have not banned its use until now, with the exception of Respawn, the studio that developed the game Apex Legends, which banned the use of these devices in official tournaments and competitions only - an admission that they are cheating -, after they announced the establishment of tournaments for players Console.

In the end..

You might be thinking “It’s not worth it” or “The device isn’t deployed anyway,” no! The phenomenon is very dangerous and kills the fun and passion of many ordinary players who seek to spend some fun time no more, and these devices are widespread and abundant - based on the statistics of the official website -, and to get a device from them, you must reserve it to receive it after three months at least! So there is a high demand for these devices.

Games are just a way to have a good time and get away from life's problems for a while, I don't see a reason to cheat in general in any game, and if you take things seriously and can't afford to lose, develop your skills to become a really good player, with your skills and abilities, not with the help of a device, worth more than a hundred dollars.

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