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Conan Exiles Review

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal and unforgiving world of

Hyboria. The game was released in 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and has since

received several large updates including a new map, build styles and armour designs.

In Conan Exiles players start as a criminal sentenced to death but then are rescued by Conan

himself. You create your character from a list of options ranging from scars and haircuts to

religion and private area size (PC version only). From there players must explore the Exiled

Lands or The Isle of Siptah gathering resources, building shelter and fighting to survive against

both the environment and other players. The game features both PvE and PvP gameplay, allowing players to choose their preferred server at the beginning.

One of the key features of Conan Exiles is its crafting system which allows players to create a wide variety of weapons, armour, tools, food recipes and decorations. At first this crafting system can be very overwhelming as there is a lot to try and understand. Having to gather multiple

resources that are needed to make an item that’s only one piece of a particular weapon or

armor set is somewhat daunting but rewarding task at the end of it all. Players can also build

their own settlements complete with shrines, buildings, and defensive structures.

I’ve played a few survival games like Ark, Atlas, Rust, Valheim, Fallout 76 and even DayZ. Out

of all those games Conan: Exiles has the best building mechanics by far. The locations you can

build , how big you can build and the styles are all amazing. The game also features a robust

combat system with a variety of weapons and fighting styles to choose from. There is even a

taming system where you can have strong pets and NPCs as bodyguards, but you have to put

the time and effort into finding, incapacitating and “breaking“ them in order to have them by your

side. There is also a Clan system in which you can start a group with up to 10 players and try

your hand at ruling the server and being the best PvP fighters around.

What also makes Conan unique is its religion system. At the beginning of the game you can

choose from a variety of religions all with their own unique characteristics. You have to make

sacrifices to these gods at the shrines you can build at your base and once you max out the

shrine level you can summon the god to destroy other players bases. It is difficult to do as there

are a number of different steps you have to do in order to get to that level but it’s a very powerful

and amazing thing to watch on your screen.

There’s so many things to do in this game that one you could clear every other game off of your

console and spend hours upon hours playing it and not get bored. From playing on multiplayer

servers and taking part in PvP and clan wars to playing on single player mode and role playing

your heart out there are countless ways to play Conan:Exiles. Most people forget about the PvE

aspect of the game and that unlocks so much more content like Huge boss battles in dangerous

dungeons that have puzzles to solve along the way, world bosses only the strongest can take on

and even NPC strongholds to take out for loot!

Overall, Conan Exiles is an engaging and immersive survival game with a rich and detailed

world to explore. While it may not be for everyone, fans of the survival genre and especially fans

of games where you can build huge complicated structures will likely find a lot to enjoy.

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