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Cliff Bleszinski is teasing a new mysterious project with a doggo!

Gears of War lead Cliff Bleszinski has been teasing a new game for a while but he's finally shown us something. It's not much but the new project is clearly nothing to do with the Gears of War series.

Bleszinski posted an image to Twitter adding that this was “something I've been working on”. In a follow-up replay to his own post, he also added that “all the signs were there that I was working on something dog related”. Later on the thread, he also posted an image of the dog who was his “muse” for the character. There are no other hints or any explanations for what's in the image yet.

What's the new project?

No one outside of the development team knows yet. The image is of a futuristic city that looks rather cyberpunk and it's inside some kind of glass dome. There are flying cars, holograms and lots of bright lights. So we can expect a sci-fi or a cyberpunk setting for the game.

The forefront of the image shows a dog and a bird who looks a lot like a pigeon. The two possible characters are looking over a balcony at the city though they seem to be focusing on the large building in the middle of the image. The dog is wearing some kind of large futuristic collar.

It doesn't give us much but at least we know the setting and two major characters in the game. The image also hints that their goal is something to do with the large building though we have no idea what this could be yet. However, this is assuming the dog and the bird are the main characters and this still hasn't been confirmed.


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