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Cineworld is renting out their Cinema Screens to Gamers

UK cinema chain Cineworld has announced they're joining the trend of rending theatres out to gamers. The only exception to this is the Leicester Square Cineworld but this still means over 700 cinemas are included in the scheme. Gaming has increased in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic and with cinemas in trouble, it's no surprise that Cineworld is offering gamers their empty theatres for a time.

The Cineworld website explains how it all works. They're currently running an offer on bookings taken on or before 8th July making it worth booking sooner than later. Cineworld hasn't explained if this means prices will increase or if they will stop offering gamers their theatres after this date.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for booking the theatre ranges across different days and group times. Starting from only £119 as the minimum with a £260 maximum price tag at the weekend. Each price is for 20 people and additional people will be an extra £5.99 to the price. It sounds steep but when you consider the £260 slot would only be £13 per person for a group of 20, this looks like a better deal. Even with only 10 people, this would cost £26 while four people attending the £119 slot would cost just under £30 each.

Imagine playing PT on a 800 inch screen.

Bring your own Console

Technically, Cineworld can provide you with consoles for your group show. It will just cost extra to rent the hardware too. The theatre slot is only for 2 hours which means you also don't want to waste time fussing over the Cineworld hardware and installing things. Bringing your consoles lets you pre-load the game(s) to the device so you aren't all left waiting for the game to finally install.

For the budget option if you have the space, why not a projector and make your wall the screen.

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