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Cancelled Superman game Details shared by Former Developer

A former Factor 5 developer has posted details for a cancelled Superman game that was killed due to the 2007/2008 economy crash. The issues with the economy led to the closure of Factor 5 and publisher Brash Entertainment. Former developer Salvatrix has taken to Twitter to reveal some gameplay and details about the cancelled game.

The Superman game that was cancelled was called Superman: Blue Steel.

What was Superman: Blue Steel?

The gameplay was heavily based on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon popular during that time though it had other influences too. It was going to be a tie in for the second Bryan Singer Superman film that was never made. The environments were based on the Superman animated series and early 20th-century artist Hugh Ferriss too. Salvatrix states the game would have placed heavy emphasis on large-scale superhuman brawls across the city. Superman would have been able to hit enemies across Metropolis, fly them through different buildings and even use vehicles as props in combat. It featured many of the classic features we associate with Superman fights including impact grooves and shockwaves from hits.

Is there any gameplay?

Salvatrix also uploaded two videos of the game including a gameplay prototype montage video. The montage video shows different aspects of the game including melee brawling and aerial fights along with some urban destruction thrown in. It's from the first playable pre-production build of the game.

The second video was a target render giving us a modern graphics view of the game. It was created by artists during pre-production to show what the gameplay might be like with graphics similar to the expected final result. The initial video shows a very basic version of the game while this rendering shows what they were looking to get for the final version.

Is there any hope?

Superman: Blue Steel will never be completed and is one of the best examples of a good game that was cancelled due to uncontrollable forces. A Superman game has been rumoured in the past from Gotham Knights developer WB Games though nothing has ever been confirmed.

Play the closest we might get for a while to a Superman game in Injustice 2 for PlayStation or Xbox today.

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