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Call of Duty: Warzone removes over 500,000 cheaters

Co-Developers Raven Software revealed that 500,000 cheaters are now gone from their servers, tweeting out that they reached this total after an additional 30,000 malicious accounts were banned on the 13th May.

That flying mod really does give an unfair advantage

This has, of course, been met with outcry from players who claimed their accounts were hijacked or stolen, and they themselves have done nothing wrong. We’ll likely never know the truth, but it’s a great way to ensure a fair chance at victory for all players in the battle royale.

While this may seem like a huge volume of players to kick off your game, it's actually only a drop in the pond for the over 100 Million active player base of Warzone.

Warzone is of course Call of Duty's free to play multiplayer game, which makes it's money off microtransactions. So while removing half a million accounts might do slight damage to their profits, compared to scaring off other players if they become known as a cheaters paradise would be much worse.

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